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The last straw

Today I’m at my wits end. The last straw is about to be plucked from my Wakhan broom. I am speaking with the Ministry of Information and Culture and they tell me that they are unable to send a letter directly to the Wakhan to support my journey, they can only send a letter to Faizabad. I give up. I have hit the final dead end.

I decide to call PACTEC to cancel my flight as I was told that I had to cancel three days in advance or I would not be able to get a refund. I am sad, but I am also thinking of all the money I am going to save, and in all honesty, the stress has gotten to my tummy. I reach the PACTEC man and he promptly informs me that he is unable to provide me with any refund for my flight as I need to cancel my flight three working days in advance in order to receive a 50% refund and they are closed on Thursdays and Fridays. I am flabbergasted. Closed? On Thursdays and Fridays? What kind of airline is closed on a Thursday!? Obviously one that wants to make the most out of its cancellation policy and ensures its flights run on Saturdays. To top it off, they charge 25$ to cancel! All of this is, of course, outlined in their cancellation policy that I have not seen because I am not allowed to book my own flight – see plan E from July 08!

Now I have a 400$ ticket that I cannot use because I cannot get a permit from a Ministry whose job it is to promote tourism. I also have the job of canceling cars, porters, gear rental, hotels in Tajikistan and my flight from Dushanbe. At the last minute, I get a call from the man of the hour; my knight in white Afghan pyjamas – my husband. He has a possible connection to another person at the Ministry. We are going to give it one more shot. I send him a copy of my passport and visa and hold my breath.

I am still holding it and expect to pass out any minute now.

2 comments on “The last straw

  1. Reiko
    July 11, 2012

    Oh no! Did this happen after we spoke on Skype!?

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