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The Wakhan Menu

Some of you may be wondering what I intend to eat in ‘one of the most remote places in the world.’ I was wondering the same myself!

In the Wakhan, it seems the mainstay of the diet is milk and milk products. Gulp. I don’t eat dairy and have not had any dairy products for about four years (since the diagnosis). However, it seems the yoghurt is a mixture of yak, sheep, and goats milk and is heated and fermented. As homeade yoghurt is recommended for Crohn’s sufferers on the Special Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), I may give it a whirl. I am not sure if I am intolerant to yoghurt, and the Wakhan may not be the best place to test this out, but I may as well live all the way on the edge.

Kyrgyz’s and Wakhis’ (the people of the Wakhan Pamirs), diet consist of a lot of fat. I guess they live in a very cold climate and need the extra padding! Another main dish is fatty sheep liver. Strips of sheep liver are served on thick chunks of fat, usually beside the cooked head, which is placed in front of the guest of honour. I have also read stories of yak butter and pea soup. I think I may try to pass on the meat, but the pea soup sounds ok.

As I will also be in areas where there are few inhabitants, I need some camping food. I searched the dust covered lanes of the Finest Supermarket in Kabul for anything I may be able to digest. I settled on baby food. Yes, I will travel on my Wakhan adventure, armed with Gerber! I figure this is a good way to get a daily dose of fresh fruits and vegetables, otherwise unavailable in the district.

I also contacted a couple of friends of mine who were heading in the direction of Kabul over the last couple of months. They agreed to play pack horse for me and brought in a load of Trek and Nakd bars (along with some Rawlicious, and other raw delights). I especially like the Trek and Nakd bars as I can say to anyone coming in ‘get me any bar without sesame seeds’ and I know I will be able to eat it. They are all natural and tasty! unfortunately, I think they are only available in the UK/Ireland and perhaps Europe (I haven’t tried outside of UK/Ireland). My friend from the US, wasn’t able to find them.

So, the menu for the Wakhan will be as follows:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with raisins, Raw food bar and Gerber fruit, herbal tea

Lunch: Nuts, seeds, Goji berries, Gerber vegetables, raw food bar

Dinner: Brown rice, noori, seaweed salad, Gerber vegetable, nutritional yeast, Braggs, raw food bar, herbal tea

It may not sound very exciting, but it will be enough sustenance to keep me going and I love all of it (although I have never tried the Gerber). And, just think how light it will all be to carry! I will look forward to a nice big plate of veg when I get back!

6 comments on “The Wakhan Menu

  1. Maureen Smith McGarrity
    July 13, 2012

    yes you have had Gerbers but about 40 years ago. You did fine with it then!

  2. Sue Young
    July 25, 2012

    Sounds delicious!

  3. Roger Perdomo
    July 26, 2012

    I wish i could survive with a diet like that.

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