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Urban Dictionary: Floored

1. floored: A term describing the state of being saturated in a particular emotion. To be stunned or overwhelmed in this particular emotion so substantially that it floors you.

_MG_9504I’m floored. We are standing at the door of the RMA workshop, peering through the billowing dust, welding fire, and floating paint scrapings to see a skeleton of a car. We thought the car was dead before, now we are sure of it. Not only are there no doors, no seats, no tires, no lights, no motor; now there is no floor.

Apparently the floor was too rusted to be trusted for the duration of the journey, so, it has _MG_9483simply been removed. “Simply” is not actually the correct term, given the amount of work that has gone into removing the floor. Three RMA staff seem to be working day and night to get our Humpty road-worthy. The inner-piping along the door frame had to be removed and will be replaced with stronger piping; lest we hit a pot hole and crack the frame on our way. I can completely understand the logic behind the decision to take the car back to it’s skeletal form in order to reinforce it for our protection, but I had not expected this amount of _MG_9491restoration. I am standing at the door, dumbfounded. Again, it feels as though we are moving backward, although I know, on the rational side of my brain, that this is moving us ahead in the long run.

But, no floor?! The Flintstones’ had no floor in their car. There is no conceivable way that can be considered ‘progress’ to me right now. I only hope the border police are experiencing the same level of progress – maybe then we stand a running chance of beating them across the border.

flintstone's police

4 comments on “Floored

  1. Brent
    June 10, 2013

    Too bad you didn’t bring an extra floor back from Ireland with you!

  2. Anna Marie
    June 11, 2013

    Keep the faith – as long as there is work being done, there is hope. 🙂

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